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About Us

As per Cabinet Decision No. 12 dated 7th January 2022, the Digital Transformation Department was established.

  1. The Honourable Cabinet Ministers have approved for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to be the lead implementation office, of the National E-Government Program.
  2. The Honourable Cabinet Ministers have approved for the relocation of all relevant resources, from the Ministry of Finance, The Information Unit of MEIDECC, and other relevant Ministries and Agencies to be centralised at the Prime Minister’s Office.
  3. The Hon. Prime Minister had approved the establishment of the Digital Transformation Department (DTD) within the Prime Minister’s office to be responsible for all coordination of the E-Government Program and Digital initiatives of the Tongan Government.

We are established to serve the government Ministries in execution of the strategies laid out in the Digital Government Strategic Framework 2019 – 2024 for Tonga.

Governance Structure

Hon. Prime Minister – Hon. Hu’akavameiliku

Chief Secretary / Secretary to Cabinet – Mr. Paula Ma’u

Director of Digital Transformation Department – Mr. Andrew To’imoana