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Services Offered

Tonga Government Cloud (Tonga G-Cloud)

This is Tonga’s first National Cloud Service which is currently only available to Tonga Government agencies.

The Tonga Government is committed to modernizing government information and communication technologies (ICTs) in accordance with the strategy set by Tonga Digital Government Strategic Framework (TDGSF)  and will lead by example in using cloud computing services to reduce costs, increase security, increase productivity, and develop excellent citizen services.

The goals of the Cloud first approach are:

In order to achieve this, all government agencies of Tonga affected by this policy will evaluate cloud-based services when undertaking all ICT procurements. The decision on the appropriate ICT delivery model will be based on an assessment of each application, incorporating fitment of purpose, cost benefit analysis and achieving value for money over the life of the investment.

What Services do we offer Tonga Government agencies?

We are a cloud & unified communications service provider available for use by Tonga Government agencies which includes all line Ministries and those that are connected to Tonga’s Secure Government Network.

This could be broken up into 3 major categories:

1. Unified Communication

a. Voice over IP (VoIP) & PBX phone system

FunctionalityVoIP phonesLandline phones (PBX)
Phone callsYesYes
Nationwide long-distanceIncludedOptional
User-to-user callsYesPBX required
Caller IDYesYes
Call WaitingYesYes
Requires internetYes, 100 Kbps per lineNo
Reliability during internet/ power outagesCalls can be routed to another number or voicemail.Calls drop or are routed to voicemail.
TechnologyIP telephony (SIP, TLS, and SRTP)Analog voice signals

2. Network

3. Data Centre Services

a. Virtual Server Deployment

A virtual server with whatever requirements is needed by the requesting Ministry will need to be specified. The current capacity of Tonga National Data Centre is limited and so provisioning of resources must be done in a efficient manner. The following server operating systems listed below is a small sample of what is possible. Please note that instances of a virtual Windows Server is limited.

Server OS

b. Email Services

If you require an email server, this could be hosted on a virtual server which is then maintained by your ICT staff at your Ministry.

c. Directory Services

Includes accounting, authentication & authorisation & domain name services

d. File Services

Includes file sharing and file transfer.

e. Communication Services

Includes email, internet chat, discussion boards, remote access.

f. Application Services

Includes resource sharing, databases, web services.