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Public Survey for Digital Technologies

September 2022

The purpose of this survey is to help the national government determine and grow digital opportunities to meet Tonga's development goals.

Tonga Digital Government Support Project

July 2022

Ongoing development in the enabling environment for eGovernment, Core Registries databases & digital infrastructures

Website is under construction

August 2022

Website is still under construction following the recent launch.


This is a new department which exists under a Cabinet Directive effective January 2022 to deal with the coordination of all government initiatives related to E-Government in Tonga

The Digital Transformation Department assists in the transitioning of government agencies to automate internal business processes and enable delivery of public services through digital means.

There were several frameworks that were approved by Cabinet Directive in May 2022. Although the frameworks are cleared to be operational, there is ongoing work to assist government agencies on how to use these frameworks to effectively put it in practice.